Anderson Point Stacker 704 Reclaimer 703 Shiploader 703 Erection and Commissioning

Anderson Point Stacker 704 Reclaimer 703 Shiploader 703 Erection and Commissioning

The T155 Expansion Project was established by Fortescue Metals Group to increase their existing Pilbara iron ore exports to 155MTPA. The project included the expansion of the existing Port Stockyard and Shiploading Facility at Anderson Point, Port Hedland.

Project Overview

Fortescue Metals Group's (FMG) T155 Iron Ore Expansion included the construction of Port Export Infrastructure to triple annual exports from 45MTPA to 155MTPA. The Port Expansion included the construction of:

  • 2 train unloaders
  • New stockyard machines including a stacker and 2 reclaimers
  • 2 new berth stations
  • 2 shiploaders
  • Conveyor networks linking the new infrastructure

Scope of Work

Goodline were contracted by Thyssenkrupp to complete the erection and commissioning of Stacker 704, Reclaimer 703 and Shiploader 703 at Fortescue Metals Group's (FMG) Anderson Port Site within Port Hedland. Goodline's scope of work involved the complete installation of the machines encompassing:

  • Acceptance of module deliveries and subsequent unloading
  • Erection and assembly of:
    • Long travel wheel assemblies and cross equaliser including full welding of the lateral leg
    • Substructure portal, reeler platform and slew deck
    • Bucketwheel/stacking boom & counterweight boom
    • Pantograph, mast and suspension links
  • Mechanical and electrical installation & commissioning

Shiploader 703

  • Acceptance of modular components direct from supply ship
  • Erection and assembly of modular shiploader components directly onto the new wharf
  • Mechanical and electrical Installation & commissioning




Project Type

Materials Handling

Electrical and Instrumentation

Year of Completion


Project Location

Anderson Point, Port Hedland, WA

Anderson Point Stacker