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Abbot Point Terminal X50 Expansion

Abbot Point Terminal X50 Expansion

Abbot Point Terminal X50 Expansion

Located 25km NW of Bowen, QLD, Abbot Point is Australia's most northern coal export terminal. Operated by North Queensland Bulk Ports, the Port of Abbot Point comprises rail in-loading facilities, coal handling, stockpiling areas and a single trestle jetty and conveyor connecting an offshore berth. Coal is supplied to Abbot Point by rail from the Newlands, Collinsville and Sonoma mines.

Project Overview

The X50 Project involved the expansion of the Abbot Point Terminal from an export capacity of 25MTPA to 50MTPA. The expansion project involved the construction of the following scope:

  • A third bund and associated stockyard
  • A conveyor network spanning 6km and including several new Transfer Stations
  • Four new stacker reclaimer machines
  • A second outloading conveyor stream, surge bin and sample station
  • New offshore jetty conveyor, berth and shiploader.

Scope of Work

Goodline was contracted by NQBP to complete the structural, mechanical, piping and civil construction associated with:


  • Disposal of existing concrete structures
  • Civil works around Transfer Towers TT3 and TT4 to allow for modified conveyor networks
  • Resurfacing of conveyor bunds 1 and 2


  • Modification to conveyor C202 to allow for interface with new works
  • Modification and strengthening of Transfer Tower TT4 to accommodate wide conveyor belts
  • Upgrade of the 1.5km C202 conveyor to suite 2m wide belts including change out of:
    • Pulley support frames and pulleys
    • Conveyor drive units and associated platforms
    • Take-up unit
    • Idlers
    • Scrapers, ploughs and rip detectors
    • Water services
  • Transfer Tower TT3 sump pump installation



North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP)

Project Type


Year of Completion

2010 - 2011

Project Location

Abbot Point, QLD

Abbot Point Terminal X50 Expansion

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