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Hamilton Expansion Project

Hamilton Expansion Project

Hamilton Expansion Project

The T155 Expansion Project was established by Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) to increase their existing Pilbara iron ore exports to 155MTPA. To accommodate the construction activities associated with the expansion project, accommodation camps needed to be developed and expanded within Port Hedland, at the Chichester and Solomon Mine Hubs and along the linking rail networks.

Project Overview

Fortescue Metals Group's (FMG) T155 Iron Ore Expansion included the upgrade of the Hamilton Motel Accommodation Village within South Hedland. The expansion was required to service the increased construction workforce associated with the Port Expansion at Anderson Point.

Scope of Work

Goodline were contracted by Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) to complete accommodation stages 3 amd 4 and the kitchen stage 1 upgrade of the Hamilton Expansion Project. Goodline were intimately involved in the camp design and visited the Siam Steel Portable Building factory in Thailand prior to commencing the project. Here Goodline assisted the building manufacturer with the design of the buildings to allow for safe and efficient crane lifts on site and improve plumbing and electrical compliance. In the absence of an EPCM, Goodline worked directly with Fortescue to design, manage and construct the following scope:

Accommodation Phases 3 and 4

  • Demolition of 84 existing SPQ rooms
  • Bulk earthworks - delivery, compaction and shaping of 6,500T of certified fill material
  • Trenching and installation of in-ground services
    • Water
    • Sewer
    • Fire
    • Power
    • Communications
  • Building structural foundations - over 1,500m³ and 500T of steel fixing
  • Placement of 72 SPQ modules (totalling 288 rooms)
  • Installation of veranda walkways and staircases
  • Pre-assembly and installation of gable roof structures
  • Connection of buildings to hydraulic, electrical and communication services
  • Electrical substation compound connection
  • Site footpaths and landscaping
  • Camp entrance bus stop shade structure including road works, signage and kerbing
  • Car parking
  • Site drainage and storm water networks

Kitchen stage 1 upgrade

  • Deconstruction of existing kitchen cool room building
  • Construction of new cool room building
    • Structural foundations
    • Steel erection, cladding and roofing
    • Fridge panel installation
    • Hydraulic installation
    • Refrigeration equipment installation
    • Footpaths
    • Bin wash area



Fortescue Metals Group Limited

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Project Location

Port Hedland, WA

Hamilton Expansion

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