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Napranum Infrastructure Upgrade

Napranum Infrastructure Upgrade

Napranum Infrastructure Upgrade

Napranum is a small indigenous community located on the Cape York Peninsula in Northern Queensland. Formerly known as Weipa South, Napranum is governed by a local aboriginal council.

Project Overview

In 2011 an infrastructure upgrade for the Napranum Community was confirmed by the Queensland Government. The project will improve water, sewerage and power services to provide a pathway for future housing development.

Scope of Work

Goodline were contracted by the Queensland local Government to complete the Napranum Infrastructure which included the upgrade of the following essential services to benefit the local community. The completion of a 17 lot subdivision including:

  • Trenching and backfilling
  • Installation of water, sewer and power services
  • Roadworks and landscaping
  • Installation of 2km of sewer rising main and a new pump station
  • Upgrade of a PH chlorination system and associated pumps and piping



QLD Government

Project Type


Year of Completion


Project Location

Napranum, QLD

Napranum Infrastructure Upgrade

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