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Navigational Aids Upgrade Project

Navigational Aids Upgrade Project

Navigational Aids Upgrade Project

Finucane Island is one of BHPB's two Iron Ore Exporting Port Sites within Port Hedland WA. Navigational aids are essential maritime structures and are utilised to assist vessels entering the Port. The Navigational Aids form leading lines that are comprised of two separated structures with day marks and lights to provide a vessel with a heading and reference for the safe navigation in restricted waters.

Project Overview

The Finucane Island Marine Navigation System required upgrading which called for the design and construction of new Navigational Aid Structures featuring day marks and lead lights.

Scope of Work

Goodline was contracted by Fast to construct five new lead lines which entailed the erection of seven new steel structures both on land and water. Goodline's construction of the lead lines involved the following scope:

  • Design and engineering of the seven structures including foundations
  • Foundation construction including marine piling
  • Steel erection of seven structures
  • Installation of day marks and lights to structures
  • Associated electrical supply, connection and commissioning
  • Construction and removal of all temporary roads required to access the work sites



Fast JV

Project Type


Electrical and Instrumentation

Year of Completion


Project Location

Port Hedland, WA

Navigational Aids Upgrade Project

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