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Arcadia Extended Production Project - Civil and Commissioning

Arcadia Extended Production Project - Civil and Commissioning

Arcadia Extended Production Project - Civil and Commissioning

Goodline was requested to assist Santos in completing a feasibility study for the Arcadia Extended Production Project. The project involved the modularisation and deconstruction of an existing compressor station and the reconstruction in the Arcadia Valley. Following the successful completion of the construction feasibility study, Goodline were contracted to complete the SMPE&I work on the compressor station.

Scope of Work

Goodline’s scope included SMPE&I Deconstruction, Logistics, Construction & Commissioning of:

  • Two natural gas powered compressors
  • One TEG skid
  • One cold vent and knock out drum
  • Associated vessels and piping
  • Electrical, instrumentations and control

Goodline’s scope included SMPE&I Works included:

  • Modularisation of the CS1 site, including modification and flanging of pipework, structural steel and skid mounted equipment
  • Hydrostatic testing, internal vessel, piping and skid cleaning
  • Deconstruction and rectification of CS1 site
  • Fabrication and supply of Class 1 pipe and structural steel components
  • Logistics involving oversized escorted loads, approximately 40 trailers of materials and design of in house material control system
  • Installation of piles and concrete foundations
  • Reconstruction and commissioning of CS1 including tie into the Gladstone pipeline




Project Type

Civil, Commissioning, SMP, E&I

Year of Completion


Project Location

Fairview, Qld

Arcadia Extended Production Project

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