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Upstream Project Fairview Well Pad Delivery

Upstream Project Fairview Well Pad Delivery

Upstream Project Fairview Well Pad Delivery

The Santos GLNG Project is a US$18.5 billion pioneering venture to convert coal seam natural gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to global markets.

Project Overview

The project involves the development of gas fields in the Bowen and Surat Basins, the construction of a 420 kilometre underground gas transmission pipeline to Gladstone and a two-train LNG processing facility on Curtis Island in Gladstone.

Scope of Work

Goodline’s scope included SMPE&I on 50 Well Pads over a vast area of 1600km2:

  • Piping, structural and electrical scope between wellhead and flow lines to export.
  • Installation of Electrical-House, Gas Metering and Monitoring Skids and the Gas/Water Separator Skid.
  • Trenching and installation of underground electrical and fibre optics.
  • Above ground electrical, instrumentation and Hazardous Area specific work.
  • Install pre-cast concrete foundations and erection of pipe supports.
  • Pre-commission testing of Separator Vessel. Involving: scaffolding, inspection of flanges and instrumentation and Pressure Service Valve installation.
  • Alignment, fitting and welding of Class 1 Pipe. Including bolt torqueing to specs.
  • NDT and Hydro testing of piping.
  • Management, safety, QA, document control, scheduling, procurement and commissioning handover.



Santos - Fluor

Project Type


Year of Completion


Project Location

Fairview, Qld


Upstream Project Fairview Well Pad Delivery

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