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Materials Handling

Materials Handling

Materials Handling

Goodline has established itself as a preferred contractor in the construction of materials handling infrastructure. Servicing major miners, EPCMs & port operators, Goodline has delivered diverse materials handling projects within the Pilbara iron ore sector, Queensland coal industry and North Queensland bauxite region.

Mine & Port Stockyards

Goodline specialises in the construction of mine & port stockyard infrastructure. Employing trades of all disciplines, Goodline can deliver Civil, SMP and E&I turn-key installations of:

  • Overland conveyor networks
  • Transfer towers & sample stations
  • Train unloaders, tippler cells & apron feeders
  • Train load-out bins, chutes & hoppers
  • Deconstruction of conveyors and materials handling structures
  • Dust suppression and fire water supply
Materials Handling Machines

Goodline has demonstrated the technical capability and experience to erect and commission mining materials handling machines. To meet project schedules and satisfy quality requirements, Goodline encourages early client engagement and can assist with pre-assembly and inspection of machine components. Goodline can offer the complete mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and instrumentation installation & commissioning of:

  • Stackers
  • Reclaimers
  • Ship Loaders

Modular Construction

Goodline has proven experience in delivering innovative modular pre-assembly solutions for stockyard infrastructure projects. In 2011, Goodline achieved an industry first by pre-assembling iron ore handing Transfer Towers in Perth before delivering them by sea to the Pilbara's Port Hedland. Modular construction and pre-assembly offers the benefits of:

  • Reduced on-site labour costs
  • Improved steel alignment quality
  • Reduced site installation durations

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