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Goodline's national plumbing departments have installed, commissioned, upgraded and repaired all categories of plumbing infrastructure and systems to support the mining and construction industry. With a reputation of responding quickly to client requests, Goodline has the ability to offer tailored solutions for a given project, regardless of the scale.

Water Supply and Storage

Goodline has delivered numerous mining and construction projects incorporating the storage, supply and distribution of potable, raw and fire water. With direct access to Australia's leading material suppliers, Goodline can execute:

  • Water storage tank construction including ring beam foundations
  • Potable & fire water pump assemblies
  • Water treatment plants
  • Backflow prevention valves (RPZ)
  • HDPE pipe trenching & installation
  • HDPE electro fusion & butt welding
  • Fire hydrants, hose reels and eye wash stations
  • Copper rough-in and tap ware fit-off
  • Hot water systems
  • Valves & meters
Sewer and Drainage

Goodline has significant experience in the construction, expansion and commissioning of sewerage and drainage infrastructure. Our skilled plumbing tradespeople have the technical expertise and professional industry contacts to complete:

  • Sewer rising mains
  • Sewer pump stations
  • Man holes & inspection points
  • PVC drainage and stormwater piping
  • Waste water treatment systems
  • Septic systems
  • Spray field and drip irrigation

Licences & Accreditations

Goodline has proven experience in delivering innovative modular pre-assembly solutions for stockyard infrastructure projects. In 2011, Goodline achieved an industry first by pre-assembling iron ore handing Transfer Towers in Perth before delivering them by sea to the Pilbara's Port Hedland. Modular construction and pre-assembly offers the benefits of:

  • NT    LPD 1647
  • QLD 1047104
  • WA   PL8084

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