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Paraburdoo Reclaimer Sustaining Works

Paraburdoo Reclaimer Sustaining Works

Paraburdoo Reclaimer Sustaining Works

Paraburdoo mine site is an existing mine approximately 10km from the township of Paraburdoo. Reclaimers RC01 and RC02 were first commissioned in 1972 and have completed approximately 100,000 working hours. The reclaimers are responsible for the recovery of 25Mtpa of SOP from the great Paraburdoo plant stockpiles and feeding it onto the TLO facility. Furthermore there are four adjacent stockpiles and the two reclaimers are periodically transferred between the stockpiles and to the maintenance pad via the use of a single transfer car.

Project Overview

Goodline was engaged for preventative maintenance on these reclaimers to ensure the machines were suitable for another 20 years of service. Compliance of the machines to AS4324 was also required for all normal and abnormal load cases

Scope of Work

  • Project management
  • Design, fabrication and transport of temporary supports
  • Procurement, fabrication, trial assembly of all equipment and components
  • PLC programming
  • Installation and load commissioning of all equipment and installed components



Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Project Type


Year of Completion


Project Location

Paraburdoo, WA

Rio Tinto Paraburdoo Reclaimer Sustaining Works

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